Connecting the most professional money managers and private placements with intermediaries and investors

Reveal Insight provides free access to a fully verified peer-to-peer rating service on both private placements and investor houses. Rating is entirely anonymous and available to anyone who can prove investment or interaction. Get your clients to rate you and divulge your integrity and professionalism.

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Reveal for Money Managers and Private Placements

Raising assets as a small manager is hard. It is painful. You will know by now that sometimes it is like banging your head against a brick wall.

For large managers though, it seems so easy. They have a famous brand, billions under management and $50m tickets chase them…

As a small manager, it can take years to build a positive reputation with your first few clients.

Institutional investors will reject you again and again stating that your AUM is too low and your brand is still unknown.

They do not like the business risk, the staff risk and the infrastructure risk as they have no way of quantifying this.

How do you let them know that the risk of investing via your small business is low?

How do you let the world know that you are honest and doing a good job?

Traditionally, each new prospective investor or intermediary wants investor and service provider references.

Requesting and providing these references is a time consuming and inefficient process and therefore often not correctly done.

You also risk annoying your happiest clients by asking them to accept multiple calls.


The solution?

A platform which publicises your professionalism and integrity.

A platform that allows you to verify your business.

A platform that builds trust in boutique managers like you!

One time only, you invite your current and former investors to anonymously rate your professionalism and your service providers to verify their relationship with you on a public platform.

Your company builds a trust score which can then be shared on your performance factsheet.

Intelligent asset raising. Marketed trust. Confident investing. Shared insight.

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Reveal Insight offers

“Qualitative” secure, verified, anonymous rating service for money managers, private placements, start-ups, intermediaries, financial advisors, wealth managers and RIAs.


Comprehensive set of rating criteria

Specially designed and user-tested for this sector to identify the most trustworthy and reliable money managers.

High quality ratings by industry experts

A closed system of investor participants who are vetted by fund ownership and experience.

Building towards smart contract-based investments

The financial stakes of all parties are protected.

Intuitive Interface

The prototype of Reveal Insight includes ten qualitative categories that allow ex or current investors to rate fund managers in a few minutes.

Includes 4000+ funds

Funds of all sizes and all strategies can be checked and then held accountable by their public ratings.

Global Outlook

Investment offerings from around the world.

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