Reveal for Intermediaries

Reveal Insight provides free access to a fully verified peer-to-peer rating service for intermediaries, their funds and clients. Rating is entirely anonymous and available to anyone who can prove investment or interaction. Make insightful, peer-informed decisions powered by experience.

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Reveal for intermediaries, third party marketers, capital introduction teams and placement agents

Placing assets with boutique money managers pays the most due to their superior returns and their more generous fee shares.

However, choosing the right manager to market is crucial…

Placing assets with boutique money managers pays the most due to their superior returns and their more generous fee shares.

However, choosing the right manager to market is crucial.

As a placement agent, intermediary or third-party marketer, selling a fraudulent or even unprincipled manager can ruin your reputation and destroy your career.

Performance statistics are everywhere but which managers are the professional and honest ones that will always pay you for the business that you take to them?
Navigating the business risk, staff risk and infrastructure risk can make selecting which managers to market a time consuming and inefficient process which is often not correctly done.

Speaking to investor references and verifying service providers is part of the due diligence process of many, but not all, intermediaries.


The solution?

Become part of the Reveal Insight Deal Team and we will provide you with access to that information.

Intelligent brokering. Shared verification. Safer brokering. Shared insight.

Reveal Insight offers

“Qualitative” secure, verified, anonymous rating service for money managers, private placements, start-ups, intermediaries, financial advisors, wealth managers and RIAs.


Comprehensive set of rating criteria

Specially designed and user-tested for this sector to identify the most trustworthy and reliable money managers.

High quality ratings by industry experts

A closed system of investor participants who are vetted by fund ownership and experience.

Building towards smart contract-based investments

The financial stakes of all parties are protected.

Intuitive Interface

The prototype of Reveal Insight includes ten qualitative categories that allow ex or current investors to rate fund managers in a few minutes.

Includes 4000+ funds

Funds of all sizes and all strategies can be checked and then held accountable by their public ratings.

Global Outlook

Investment offerings from around the world.

Redress the balance which favours large funds

Small funds often produce superior returns.

However, they fail to raise assets due to the fear factor of investing into unknown money managers. Our algorithms and the ratings placed by real users show the clear opinion on funds worldwide, big and small.

Reveal Insight benefits

More transparency and trust in our industry is urgently needed. The industry is far from a meritocracy. The largest few managers manage the majority of investor capital due to their brand recognition and perceived safety despite performing less well than their smaller peers.

  • Investors can find smaller better performing managers with lower fees without fearing the mismanagement of their assets
  • Investing becomes safer as bad actors are identified by the market and shared publicly
  • Money managers can identify issues within their business to improve their service
  • Small money managers can raise assets which normally investors would not have had the confidence to invest with them
  • Intermediaries can find and raise assets for small managers more easily and with more confidence that their fee shares will be paid promptly and correctly

Reveal Insight is not a social network but a vendor reputation rating system

Our rating algorithm is the core of Reveal Insight

A series of deceptively simple questions and comments allows us to create a meritocracy within the money management industry that will allow investors to hold money managers accountable and allow the best small managers to thrive and grow faster than was previously possible.

Honest and hard-working boutique managers will be able to compound their good business will.

Be more informed about your investment choices

Test your knowledge of funds and fund managers. Add another series of analytics to your research inputs.

This leaves you free to concentrate and focus on your investment choices.

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