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Why Reveal Insight

Reveal Insight provides free access to a fully verified peer-to-peer rating service on money managers, advisors and private placements. Rating is entirely anonymous and available to anyone who can prove investment or interaction. This allows other investors to make informed, insightful decisions powered by investor experiences


Reveal Insight provides free access to a peer-to-peer rating service …

What We Do

By leveraging the power of our community, Reveal Insight helps asset managers raise capital, and we simplify the investing with less well-known managers by making the process methodical and objective.

Asset Managers

We matchmake asset managers with suitable investors.

Investors can provide a rating for a manager, which, combined with our verification, grant you the trust you need to raise assets.


Reveal Insight allows you to identify the most trustworthy and professional boutique asset managers, which are also high performers. It is able to do this by providing you with feedback from the experiences of previous investors and other intermediaries. Increase your revenue by preventing circumvention. Learn which managers are honest and timely pay their fee shares.


We reduce the workload for Research Analysts and CIOs by identifying the best-fit boutique managers from much of the 50,000+ asset manager community while verifying the due diligence supplied by managers and providing qualitative ratings so that you can know which managers to trust.

Service Provider

Reveal Insight for service providers can help you find new clients while helping your current ones. Verify your services for asset managers upon their request or simply register free and add your company profile and gain access to a platform with thousands other managers.

Our mission at Reveal Insight


“Reduce the workload for everybody”

“Make investing into alternatives safer and easier”

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