Joining investors with the most professional boutique asset managers and private placements 

Reveal Insight provides free access to an open rating service on asset managers, advisors, private placements and industry events. Rating is entirely anonymous and available to anyone who can prove investment or interaction. This allows other investors to make informed, insightful decisions powered by investor experiences.

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Reveal Insight offers

“Qualitative” secure, verified, anonymous rating service for asset managers, private placements, start-ups, brokers, financial advisors, wealth managers and RIAs.

Capital Introduction service

Personal deal team assisting with clients’ needs

Secure smart contract-based investing

AI matching engine helping investors find the correct opportunities

Comprehensive set of rating criteria

Specially designed and user-tested for this sector to identify the most trustworthy and reliable money managers.

High quality ratings by industry experts

A closed system of investor participants who are vetted by fund ownership and experience.

Building towards smart contract-based investments

The financial stakes of all parties are protected.

Intuitive Interface

The prototype of Reveal Insight includes ten qualitative categories that allow ex or current investors to rate fund managers in a few minutes.

Includes 4000+ funds

Funds of all sizes and all strategies can be checked and then held accountable by their public ratings.

Global Outlook

Investment offerings from around the world.

Redress the balance which favours large funds

Small funds often produce superior returns.

However, they fail to raise assets due to the fear factor of investing into unknown money managers. Our algorithms and the ratings placed by real users show the clear opinion on funds worldwide, big and small.

Accredited Investors and Qualified Eligible Participants, RIAs, WM & FAs

Investing into boutique money managers or private placements has been proven to generate superior returns.

However, choosing the right manager might seem daunting…

Performance statistics are everywhere but which managers are professional and honest? Which managers are fraudulent? Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

Before you invest, the money manager politely responds to every enquiry.

After you invest, the problems begin.

Sound familiar?

Our team has been working in the industry for decades and found the opaque nature of investing into boutique money managers to be a major problem for investors and intermediaries. If you pick the wrong manager it can cost you your job, your business or your money.

Business risk, staff risk and infrastructure risk can make investing into smaller managers a minefield.

Speaking to investor references and verifying service providers is part of the due diligence process of most institutional investors.

It is a time consuming and inefficient process.

Most money managers only provide investor references which they are certain will be positive.

Many service providers do not have the time to return calls requesting confirmation of their relationship with money managers.

The due diligence of any one investor or single investment consultant is not as statistically significant as the market wide opinion.


The solution?

A platform which allows the process to be visible to all. As in other industries where rankings and ratings are made public, money managers can also be held accountable for their behaviour. Money managers being held accountable = a meritocracy = improved service for the client.

That’s you. The Investor.

Safety in numbers. Shared verification. Safer investing. Shared insight.

Reveal for Brokers, third party marketers, capital introduction teams and placement agents

Placing assets with boutique money managers pays the most due to their superior returns and their more generous fee shares.

However, choosing the right manager to market is crucial…

Placing assets with boutique money managers pays the most due to their superior returns and their more generous fee shares.

However, choosing the right manager to market is crucial.

As a placement agent, broker or third-party marketer, selling a fraudulent or even unprincipled manager can ruin your reputation and destroy your career.

Working with an unethical manager also makes it likely that you will be circumvented and not receive the commission that you deserve.

Performance statistics are everywhere but which managers are the professional and honest ones that will always pay you for the business that you take to them?

As intermediaries ourselves, our team has faced these problems for decades and found the opaque nature of boutique money managers to be a major problem when selecting which managers to market.

Navigating the business risk, staff risk and infrastructure risk can make selecting which managers to market labour intensive.

Speaking to investor references and verifying service providers is part of the due diligence process of many but not all intermediaries.

It is a time consuming and inefficient process.

Most money managers only provide investor references which they are certain will be positive.

Many service providers do not have the time to repeatedly return calls from various brokers and investors requesting confirmation of their relationship with money managers.

The due diligence of any one intermediary or single investment consultant is not as statistically significant as a market-wide opinion.


The solution?

Become part of the Reveal Insight Deal Team and we will provide you access to that information.

Intelligent brokering. Shared verification. Safer brokering. Shared insight.

Reveal for Asset  Managers

Raising assets as a small manager is hard. It is painful. You will know by now that it is something similar to banging your head against a brick wall.

For large managers though, it seems so easy. They have a famous brand, billions under management and $50m tickets chase them…

As a small manager, it can take years to build a positive reputation with your first few clients.

Alas, your brand is still unknown!

Institutional investors will reject you again and again stating that your AUM is too low.

What does that really mean?

Often it means that they do not like the business risk, the staff risk and the infrastructure risk.

They do not like those risks as they have no way of quantifying them.

How do you quantify the risks associated with investing via your small business and broadcast that the risk is low?

How do you leverage your business goodwill?

How do you let the world know that you are honest and doing a good job?

Traditionally, each new prospective investor or broker wants investor and service provider references.

Calling the references and reading the DDQ is work that investors would rather avoid. By deciding not to invest, they can avoid them both! Hence this being the frequent outcome.

For you to provide the references and for each investor to contact them is a time consuming and inefficient process.

You also risk annoying your happiest clients by asking them to accept multiple calls.


The solution?

  • A platform which publicises your professionalism.
  • A platform that reassures investors that you are not a bad actor.
  • A platform that allows you to verify your business.
  • A platform that creates a meritocracy so that you are rewarded for your integrity
  • A platform that builds trust in boutique managers like you!

One time only, you invite your current and former investors to anonymously rate your professionalism on a public platform.

You invite your service providers to verify their relationship with you.

Your company builds a trust score which can then be shared on your performance factsheet

For investors, your company is no longer a shot in the dark…

Our Deal Team and Artificial Intelligence engine drive unafraid investors to your profile.

Assets chase you.

Intelligent asset raising. Marketed trust. Confident investing. Shared insight.

Reveal for Service Providers

Finding new money managers to hire your service is difficult.

Fielding multiple reference calls is annoying.

Your client is buying your service for a reason. They need legal, audit, administration and brokerage services for practical reasons but also to maintain a high standard of professionalism that allows them to attract investments.

If they do not attract investments, they go out of business and you lose a client.

If you could help your clients by verifying that you provide a certain service for them, you would be helping them while at the same time promoting your own service.

You would also be saving yourself time.

This is because your verification could be public for all investors and intermediaries to see so you would not need to answer multiple individual reference enquiries.

You would also be able to find many new boutique money managers that could become your clients.


How can you achieve all of this?

  • We have built a platform that allows you to verify your clients and therefore help them to raise assets which in turn helps your business with them to survive.
  • We have built a platform which allows our money managers to promote your service.
  • We have built a platform which allows investors to rate managers on their professionalism and hold them accountable.
  • We are making investing safer and building a meritocracy.

You can be part of it.

Intelligent asset raising. Shared verification. Safer investing. Shared insight.

Reveal Insight benefits: investors, brokers, financial advisors, wealth managers, private placements, asset managers and service providers

More transparency and trust in our industry is urgently needed. The hedge fund industry is far from a meritocracy. The largest few managers manage the majority of investor capital due to their brand recognition and perceived safety despite performing less well than their smaller peers.

  • Investors can invest into smaller better performing managers with lower fees without fearing the mismanagement of their assets
  • Investing becomes safer as bad actors are identified by the market and shared publicly
  • Fund managers can identify issues within their business to improve their service
  • Small fund managers can raise assets which normally investors would not have had the confidence to invest with them
  • Intermediaries can raise assets for small managers more easily and with more confidence that their fee shares will be paid promptly and correctly

Reveal Insight is not a social network but a vendor reputation rating system

Our rating algorithm is the core of Reveal Insight

A series of deceptively simple questions and comments allows us to create a meritocracy within the money management industry that will allow investors to hold money managers accountable and allow the best small managers to thrive and grow faster than was previously possible.

Honest and hard-working boutique managers will be able to compound their good business will.

Be more informed about your investment choices

Test your knowledge of funds and fund managers. Add another series of analytics to your research inputs.

This leaves you free to concentrate and focus on your investment choices.

4000+ Global Asset Mangers & Funds

Funds are added and rated by the users. Vetting is carried out by the Reveal Insight team before the fund goes live on the system.

Reveal Insight has been created by a team with decades of experience. Our experts’ little black book forms the core of the content. The content will grow indefinitely. You are invited to participate so please feel free to add a fund that is not already listed. This fund will be published once it has been vetted and has received at least three reviews.

Use the “Get in Touch” button below if there is a specific fund that you’d like to see added, or just sign up to the app.
Basic use is free!



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I have feedback on the app

Great. Please get in touch with the team and leave your comments.

Can a manager pay a premium to be promoted to the top of the list on the website or improve his score?

No. A manager cannot pay a premium that will affect his score or positioning on the website.

Can anybody rate the managers?

No. Only verified investors who have had experience investing into the manager that they are rating.

How are reviews validated?

Only users registered on the platform can review a fund or a project. Most users will be registering with corporate emails. The system automatically validates on a random basis that users have indeed had interaction with that fund by having to upload proof of subscription or redemption.

Very low or very high scoring reviews will trigger additional controls. For private placements, every review needs to be validated.

How can I register a private placement on the platform?

Simply contact us. It is not as easy to add a private placement as a fund, as there is a comprehensive due diligence process and 10 to 50 reviews are required, all of which need to be validated.

How can I register a fund on the platform?

Any registered users can add and rate a fund. Fund managers wishing to add their fund should simply contact us. Once the validation process has been completed, the fund provider is given access to a fund porthole that allows them to keep key information on the fund updated.
Once fully operational, new funds go live on the system once they receive three validated reviews.

Can I publish my Reveal Insight score on my website, performance factsheet and presentation?

Yes. We highly recommend that you do so.

Do I have to pay to access the ratings?

Access to our database of money managers and their qualitative ratings is free for all investors and intermediaries. However, when fully operational, the top 20 and bottom 20 managers will only be accessible if you are a paying subscriber. You can avoid the subscription fee if you rate five investment offerings per month.

What happens if investors rate my fund poorly and my reputation is crucified publicly?

You know that you have to do a better job before you go out of business! You can also invite your happy clients to the platform to rate you positively to improve your score. These must be genuine investors as we carry out stringent controls on all registrations.

Does Reveal Insight really make investing safer?

Yes. Historically, small money managers without a recognisable brand have been able to act unprofessionally as they have not had a worthy brand to tarnish. Reveal Insight changes that as they will have to all think twice before gating your investment or adding a holiday to Brazil as a fund expense!

How does the listing process work?

  • Requests to add a new fund are made by users/investors.
  • Funds can also volunteer to join the platform.
  • Funds are then vetted and listed by the Reveal Insight team.
  • Once a fund receives three investor ratings, the fund information is then made public to users.
  • Funds are then requested to add detailed quantitative information about their infrastructure, location and team.

What happens if a user writes a review and cannot validate it?

The system automatically red flags a user if they are unable to validate interaction on said review. In this case, all reviews made by that user are removed until each of the remaining reviews have been validated.

Can I suggest and add a new manager that is not already on the platform?

Yes. We want our platform to be as comprehensive as possible, so we encourage investors to suggest new managers to be added

As an investor, can I rate managers anonymously?

Yes, we want the ratings to be as accurate as possible and therefore we will protect the identity of investors so that they can feel free to also provide negative and critical ratings.

Is investment performance taken into consideration?

No. This is a rating system based entirely on qualitative attributes: honesty, integrity, infrastructure, professionalism, transparency, access, responsibility etc.

Don’t investment consultants provide the same information?

Investment consultants provide similar information but theirs is subjective and not statistically significant. Furthermore, they charge a lot of money for it!

Will these ratings really help me to raise money?

Yes. The main difficulty that investors have in investing into small managers is knowing which ones to trust with their money. This ratings business model has achieved great success for smaller businesses across other industries (examples: Amazon, AirBnB, Tripadvisor). It has redistributed clients to the less established vendors. A ratings intermediary adds a layer of protection and allows for customer recourse.

How can I request a negative review be removed?

Reveal Insight treats every negative review very seriously due to the money manager’s reputational risk.

Therefore, every review under a certain percentage needs to be validated before it is published. Should a complaint be filed by a money manager regarding a negative review, subscribing money managers will be forwarded information provided to the system supporting this negative review.

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