About Us

Reveal Insight, the brainchild of Edward Vickery, was founded with the objective of streamlining and disrupting the entire asset management industry. With over 15 years of experience working in the industry, Edward noticed that his industry was opaque and dominated by brands and nepotism. He believed that there was a better, more efficient and empowering way for investors to allocate to asset managers.

After being circumvented on a few multi-million-dollar deals, Edward found himself both at a financial loss and demotivated and wanted to build something better that would protect his employees and himself. With this in mind, he began to analyze work flow. Edward conceived a system that would shift the repetitive tasks and automate them. He saw the inefficiencies of repetitive conversations and meetings, the inefficiencies during the collection of investor references and the inefficiencies in the manager research process. He also saw a lot of holes in the due diligence carried out by investors.

Throughout the course of his career, Edward saw asset managers raise money for the wrong reasons whether it be prestige, commonalities, nepotism, corporate backgrounds or even just attractive marketing personnel. Often these same managers turned out to be fraudulent but even if they weren’t, it was still frustrating and painful to see nepotism dominate, while the hard work and professionalism of many other asset managers failed.

Farmers used to plough manually, then somebody invented the wheel and then the tractor. As a child Edward was always inventing better ways to do things. While many of them didn’t work, he was always trying to improve traditional methods. With a strong-held belief in efficiency and organization, Edward is resolute in his preference of investing time and money to build something that in the long run is far superior and will save time, effort and money not only for himself but for the whole investment community.

Edward spent around six years working in an office in Palos Verdes, southern California which had a window that faced south and as a result, he has sun damage on the left of his face which faced that window. This made him realise that people spend too much time working on repetitive tasks and motivated him to build a solution, Reveal Insight, to prevent other people wasted that time that he will never be able to recover.

Tired of writing Salesforce notes during all his calls and finding that these notes were insufficient for brokering deals in the future, Edward came to the conclusion that building a match-making machine would be far superior than this combination of his own memories and his collection of Salesforce notes. He was then introduced to Andreas Mueller, an experienced business consultant and technology expert having held senior roles at Capco, UBS and Accenture. Andreas possessed many complementary skills and a strong work ethic that would allow Edward’s vision to become reality. Andreas patiently listened to Edward’s ideas and turned them into reality by building Reveal Insight. Following the creation of a minimal viable product, Andreas and Edward began assembling a team to improve the product further and to share Reveal Insight with the world.

The Reveal Insight team believe that the alternative investments industry is lacking in meritocracy with an almost complete lack of accountability. This means that some of the best emerging private equity and hedge funds are being excluded by the investment community as unknown and untrusted.

Edward operated for many years as a Third Party Marketer and therefore he does not want to make the role of 3PMs redundant. To this end, he designed an area in the platform specifically to allow 3PMs to benefit financially from the construction of the Reveal Insight community and to benefit also from much of the platform’s functionality.

Over the same 15 years as Edward’s career in alternative investments and Andreas’ career as a business consultant, we have seen the benefits of other reputational marketplaces such as AirBnB, Amazon, Uber, Turo and eBay which have transformed our personal and business purchasing habits.  Reveal Insight is the application of this same concept to the alternative investments marketplace. 

Rewarding those vendors that do a good job and not just the easy choice of the big brands is imperative in order to create a meritocracy, a system in which Capitalism can operate more healthily and to the benefit of its market participants. Therefore, by creating this environment in our industry, Reveal Insight aims to improve the situation for everybody: the buyer, the seller and the intermediary.

Reveal Insight’s ambitious objective is to make investing into unknown asset managers safe, to allow everybody to work less and achieve more while spending more time with their families and loved ones. It strives to create a meritocracy so that the people working in our industry that deserve success, get it.